Stingaree Home

Located in a historic warehouse in the once-taboo Red Light district, Stingaree is a state-of-the-art restaurant, nightclub, and event center boasting the ultimate blend of high style and excellent service.

The multi-million dollar facility occupies three stories on the corner of Sixth Avenue and Island Street and features a floor-to-ceiling waterfall, rooftop cabanas, fire pit, and a VIP lounge.
Stingaree is located at just about the center of town and the best place to relax.

Show settings, comedy clubs, dance clubs and occupied bars – this spot has got them all! What’s more, the radiant California climate simply adds life to the exuberant roof lounges.

With an assortment of activities and spots to investigate, you’ll have no issue discovering where you can sit, unwind and make the most of your mixed drink. The vast majority of the occurrence clubs and bars are found midtown San Diego, so in case you’re searching for some night activity, that is the place where you would need to go!